Weddings are a wonderful opportunity for you to unleash your inner Blue Peter and save some cash to boot. However many brides overestimate their crafting abilities, taking on far too much but then buy in a replacement items, wasting time and money. To avoid having a wedding which looks like it has been created by a seven year old, just follow these few simple rules.

Here are my suggestions about items you can tackle yourself:

Place settings


You could go with a traditional placecard or something a little quirkier like these personalised pinecones, either is quick and cheap to make and will add a personalised touch to your day.

Wedding favours


Weddings favours have come a long way from sugared almonds, you can let your creative side go wild and Pinterest is awash with great ideas. If you’re making something edible but perishable (like these cookies) keep in mind that these will need to be prepared only a day or two before the big day so factor that into your preparation timings. Miniatures of your guests favourite tipples are also cute (and can double up as a fun place setting) but remember to check if your venue has rules about bringing your own alcohol onto their premises.

Card box


Every wedding reception needs a post box for your cards. Here’s the picnic basket from my wedding that I bought on eBay for a couple of pounds and personalised with handmade stencils. The basket is now a lovely keepsake where I keep wedding cards and mementos from the day.

Leave these to the professionals:



The wedding cake is one item you certainly do not want to look amateurish and you have enough to do in the days leading up to your wedding without putting yourself under the added pressure of creating an amazing centrepiece. If funds are limited, buy a plain iced cake from the supermarket and add a personalised cake topper.

Wedding stationary


Many wedding blogs suggest making your own invitations to save some cash, but I disagree. Unless you own a high quality printer, chances are your efforts will look unprofessional and you could spend so much on supplies that you won’t save a penny in the long run. Personalised wedding stationary is fairly cheap these days, check out for some beautiful, affordable designs.



An iPod packed with your favourite hits is no substitute for an experienced party DJ who will be able to read the room and play to the crowd. Keep the mix tape for the drinks reception or ceremony only.