You probably spend hours sorting your rubbish into recyclables / non-recyclables and wouldn’t dream of buying a plastic bag when you have a hessian shopper with you, but have you considered the environment impact of your wedding? Here are our top tips for having a more eco-friendly wedding:

1. Keep it local. The carbon footprint of hosting your wedding in a far flung location can be huge, unless your guests are planning on cycling hundred of miles to attend! Host your wedding close to the majority of your family and friends to reduce carbon emissions associated with travel.
2. Follow the seasons. Choose a menu of seasonal and local ingredients to avoid those food air miles and ask your florist to make your bouquet and wedding flowers with in-season flowers grown in your home country. You will save cash too since local, seasonal produce is usually cheaper than imports.
3. Send electronic invites. Yes those fancy invites look great but the sad reality is that most will wind up in landfill since embossed paper is not always capable of being recycled and let’s not forget that chemicals are used to bleach your whiter than white paper. Even Grandad has an email account these days and electronic RSVPs can be a godsend.
4. Choose eco friendly favours. Why not give your guests a packet of seeds or homemade cookies instead of a tiny something in a swathe of unnecessary packaging. Alternatively dispense with favours altogether and let your guests know you are making a donation to charity instead.
5. Shades of green. If you want to make a big statement about your green credentials think about hiring a wedding planner experienced in creating sustainable weddings. US brides should check out Linen & Lemon, a Boston based wedding planner specialising in eco-friendly special occasions.
6. Ditch the disposables. Disposable tableware, napkins and cutlery are a convenient option but create huge amounts of waste. Avoid these if possible, but if you have no alternative opt for recycled materials. They may be a pricier alternative but the planet will thank you.

So whilst you might not be ready to dispense with the long haul flight to your honeymoon destination just yet, you can jet off with a clearer conscience and save some cash in the process by making a few simple changes to your day.

Are you planning an eco-wedding? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and feature your big day on the site!

Cover image: via Pexels