You’ve set the date. The venue is booked. One of the next big tasks on your to do list will be to book the photographer. A google search of “wedding photographer” in your area is likely to throw up a bewildering array of choices for you to work through. How do you make the right choice? Read on…

Firstly, you need to decide on the style of photography you want for your wedding album and choose accordingly. It might be that you can’t wait to be Gigi Hadid for a day and want a strong editorial look to your photos, or you may already be coming out in hives at the thought of having a camera in your face for a whole day and want relaxed, fly on the wall style pictures. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can ask your chosen snapper to shoot the wedding in the style you want, that’s like asking Picasso to paint in watercolours. Spend time going through the photographer’s portfolio and make sure you like their style. If not, move on. Don’t be that person who hates their wedding pictures!

You should meet with any proposed photographer before paying a deposit or signing a contract. You will be spending one of the most important days of your life with this person so you want to be sure that you like them and feel comfortable in their company.

If you’re choosing a photographer who regularly covers weddings at your venue, there’s a possibility the wedding album might look like countless other albums. Discuss what you want your photos to look like. Maybe you’re getting married in a grand stately home or surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, and whilst you probably chose the venue because it looks great on film there can be a real danger that the photos are more about the surroundings than you. Any good photographer will understand this but do make sure they know what you want to achieve.

An engagement shoot can be a great way of trialling your snapper’s ability. These are often a fraction of what you will pay on the day and the photos can be used in wedding stationary. If this service is offered as part of a package, remember you may have already signed a contract before you see the results and if so will be bound by the cancellation terms.

The wedding photography market is highly competitive and businesses are continually looking for new ways of winning work and standing out from the crowd. Photo booths, evening slideshows and short videos are all being offered at discounted rates, but be wary of gimmicks, these shouldn’t be the reason you chose one photographer over another.  The quality and style of their work should always be the main factor in your decision.

If you follow these few simple guidelines, you should receive a wedding album that you will cherish for years to come.