Wedding nail art has come a long from from the French manicure. Here are some of this season’s top choices to get your hands photo ready.

Cover photo credit: @nail_unistella via instagram

Shadow nails

Shadow nails, cuticle jewellery, embellished cuticles. Call them what you like, but we call them seriously cute. This is a great choice for brides who prefer a more natural nail but want something special on the big day. We think it’s particularly suited to a bohemian or minimalist look.

Image: @nail_unistella via instagram

White nails

White is a strong, bold look for 2017 and is best suited to another big trend for this year, the shorter rounded nail. Pinterest is awash with white and glitter but we think this is best left as a clean and simple look or paired with a simple gold accent.

img_0303Image: @nails_adrika via instagram

Lace nails

Still a popular choice for this year. These pretty, delicate designs are so adaptable, you can go all out with the effect on each nail or choose just one accent finger.

Image: @gladna.nails via instagram

Glitter fade

Another mainstay in the nail artist’s repertoire. An adaptable choice, as you can opt for just a touch of glitter or go full-on disco ball. Pair with nude tones for a warmer, understated look.

Image: @pastillebeauty via Instagram